Residence: 2015eko Otsailaren 15a | 2015eko Urriaren 05a

I'm a French American visual artist that has been living and practicing in the Bay Area and France since 2000. I obtained my MFA from the Beaux-Art school of Bordeaux, France, spending half of the program duration at CCAC in San Francisco. My work sits between the age old perception of a broken original bond with “nature” to the blind exploitation of it as resource. How humans engage with nature from prehistory to the anthropocene context is the reiterated question throughout my work. Through different media, it looks at different periods in occidental history where significant shift in this relation occur. For example it has looked at the time shift from the medieval to modern times (sudden economical growth triggers urban expansion and the birth of urban gardens), the time of the physiocrats (and the industrial and agricultural revolution), or the 50ies when plant perception is first studied(can plants feel emotions, that theme has recently widely be re-explored with current technologies). Our relations with plants, animals, the earth, and how we interact together in poetic and political ways, are examined through sculpture, installation, photography, and film. Besides being an artist I have studied Landscape Horticulture Design. I tought in the Ecole supérieure d’art et de design d’Orléans, a class on “Landscape” and ranges from site specific works, to landscape history, to ethnobotany and it’s shady politics. I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple Bay Area art spaces and have show with Southern Exposure, the De Young Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Di Rosa Foundation, the Headlands, and widely in France. Two of my piece were acquired by the French national art collection (CNAP and FRAC).

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